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From Our Pole Dancers

Danielle R.jpg

Danielle R.

I love taking Chris' classes. She is great at breaking everything down to manageable pieces, yet at the same time leaving enough room for exploration to make a piece yours. Her choreo always brings out the best in me and her upbeat personality makes every class so fun!

Hollis M.jpg

Hollis M.

I have been taking classes with Chris Sea for over two years now, and still feel that I learn something new every week from her. Not only is she an absolutely dazzling poler and instructor, but she goes the extra 10 miles for her students. We learn about character development for choreography, small nuances of movement that make the difference between good and great, and SO MUCH MORE. On top of all of that, she is always there to answer questions and offer advice. I honestly couldn’t ask for a better teacher. In short: Take classes with Chris Sea. It is all the goodness of dance things 

Shu L.jpg

Shu L.

Chris Sea is the best teacher!! I didn't expect to learn so much from her online classes. She always break down moves for us, so we can learn a trick/combo step by step. Also love that she teaches from back view, it is easier for me to learn that way. She is also very patient, encouraging and happy to give me feedbacks when I struggle with a trick/choreo. Chris Sea is also a very talented dancer/choreographer. I enjoy learning her choreos so much!!

Linda L.jpg

Linda L.

Chris Sea is patient and supportive. Her classes are creative and fun and is inclusive to all levels! 

Arely S.jpg

Arely S.

I’ve been taking classes from Chris Sea for years and it truly shows that she loves teaching and the art of dance. She really breaks everything down and makes it so easy to understand and follow along. She also gives so many variations that makes it not only accessible for students of all levels but also allows you to have something to work up to!

Teekay W.jpg

Teekay W.

Chris Sea is one of the most dedicated and thorough instructors I know, whether it’s training/coaching in-person or virtually. I’ve had the pleasure of learning from Chris Sea in multiple class environments and always leave having learned something new. No matter what skill level you’re at, she’ll have helpful tips and guidance while still prioritizing safety.

Having Chris Sea as a part of my pole journey has been so enriching to say the least. I always look forward to learning more and cannot recommend her enough!

Tiffany K.webp

Tiffany K.

Chris sea accommodates all levels with ease and is also mindful of her students’ injuries/limitations, offering plenty of modifications to still make class accessible for all. As a coach, she works with you closely in a way that helps push you to next level and also encourages creative exploration and freedom.

Angela M.jpg

Angela M.

Chris Sea has changed my life in pole! I had lost a lot of my creative and artistic side and Chris Sea has helped me reclaim that, through her excellent teaching style, patience, and her amazing artistry. Thank you so much Chris Sea!

Rochelle C.jpg

Rochelle C.

Chris Sea is one of the best pole teachers I’ve ever had! She is extremely thorough in every class. She cares about each individual student’s progress and gives variations based on everyone’s level. And classes are always so much fun!! She has different themes for holidays and encourages costumes. I’ve seen so much improvement in my technique since I’ve started taking classes with her and I’ve learned so much!!

Nikki W.jpg

Nikki W.

I would highly recommend taking Chris Sea classes! I've been taking them for over a year now and she breaks down moves that seem complicated into simpler steps that are easy to follow along. Since I started doing pole, she's the only person I've taken lessons from cause I never felt the need to look for another instructor. The variety she offers in style of dance and music always keeps her classes fresh and interesting!

Christina P.jpg

Christina M.

I've been taking online class recordings with Chris Sea now for just over 1 year, and my dance skills and technique have improved so much! Chris Sea is one of the rare teachers who teaches from the back, just like in a real class. It's so important to do a back view because I always get my left and right confused, and Chris Sea breaks every little single detail down, and she always provides easier options to complete your choreo! I always feel like I'm in a real class even though it's just a recording because Chris Sea's bubbly personality just shines through!

Carol S.jpg

Carol J.

I started taking classes with Chris Sea during the summer of 2020, right after I was able to get a pole for my house. I saw she would be offering an online class for beginner polers who just got their home pole (like me) and I couldn't wait to sign up! I was so nervous at first to take a live class on Zoom, but she immediately made me feel at ease and like I was meant to be there.  Chris Sea is very thorough and creative with instruction, showing different angles for every move, and always provides modifications for different skill levels. She always goes above & beyond for her students and her support for us is endless. Working with her is such a pleasure; I highly recommend taking a class with her if you can!


Joyce C.

When I met Chris Sea and took her 1st class, I didn't know what I was gonna jump in for. I tend to shy away but I develop the confidence to own the stage like no one is looking especially with her badass and contemporary choreo class  I love them!  She understands that everyone's body is different so there is no pressure at all aka it's a fun class. But I know she's a great teacher when she nitpick my form and point my toes.



I've thoroughly enjoyed doing online chereo/heels/pole trick classes by such an easy going, creative and in-depth teacher like you Chris Sea. I love how the classes are catered for all abilities no matter what level we are especially choreo which you have been my inspiration to give it a try from Day 1. It's your teaching style which I find so much easier to follow in comparison to others I've tried which don't necessarily adapt their choreo for all levels. 

Stefanie S.jpg

Stephanie S.

Chris Sea is one of the best instructors I know, she cares very much about her students and she has a passion for dance which she shares. I highly recommend her as an instructor!


I started with her in 2017.  When I went on the compete for PSO (Pole Sport Organization), she was my coach and choreographer!! 

When the pandemic hit everything was then transferred to online classes. There are a LOT of students who sign up for her virtual classes/recordings.

Chris Sea makes it extremely easy to follow. She spends the time thoroughly explaining how to do the choreography with tricks, directionality, flow, and character. She gives great feedback and always takes the time to explain the move. 

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