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  • I've never taken an online class.  Is it easy to follow along online?
    I make it really easy! I do front view and back view. Why back view? This is because it mimics being in an in-person class with me. I would be in front of my students who are following along in class behind me. This makes my right YOUR right. And my left YOUR left. You're not trying to figure out directionality! You just follow along step-by-step. And I break the choreo ALL down into tiny bite-sized pieces!
  • How can I get a pole at home?
    Many students find various poles online. Lupit is one brand growing in popularity. They ship international so it does take awhile to receive. However, the brand most widely used in the U.S. is X-pole located in North Hollywood, CA. They ship poles to your home. The most common pole is the 45mm (diameter size) chrome (metal type) pole. If you have skin allergies to metal, a stainless steel option is also available. The basic training pole uses pressure to mount to your ceiling and floor. This means no holes or screws to install! Another option is a freestanding pole called the "stage pole" which is a pole on its own freestanding base. It does not attach to floor or ceiling. Visit
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  • Can I still get help?I may still have some questions on certain tricks or combos.
    Absolutely. The class purchase also includes my support and assistance as your instructor. Students are welcome to email me or message me on instagram for feedback or support!
  • Where can I see more classes?
    All of my class choreography videos are posted in my Instagram for viewing along with free tutorials! So head over there.
  • I'm a new student or beginner.  Are these classes appropriate for me?
    Yes! For my newbies (new students) my Beginner Fundamentals Class is perfect to start with. And for beginners, all my choreography classes are appropriate too! Although some combos are challenging, I always teach beginner variations/options so students of all levels can enjoy my classes!
  • Do I have to be strong or fit to start pole dance?
    Absolutely not! We all had to start somewhere. Your body will transform during your journey. People tell me, "I want to pole but I need to lose weight first!" Or "I need to get strong first." You don't need to get strong or lose weight first! This organically happens once you start taking classes consistently.
  • What can I expect when I purchase my first Live class or recording?
    When you purchase a recording, you will receive a link to the recording in your email. You have access to the recording for one year. You can review and practice as many times as you need at your own pace. When you purchase a LIVE class, it will be for the upcoming Friday class. You get to ask all your questions live and get my valuable feedback during class (which is not in the recordings). The Zoom link will be in your email about one hour before class begins. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER. If you do not receive it, pls email me or DM me on IG before class begins. Once class begins I will not be checking my messages as I will be teaching.
  • Do I HAVE to wear heels or knee pads to class?
    You don't have to wear heels! All of my choreography classes can be done without heels. Knee pads are necessary for some tricks to protect your skin and knees from injury.
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